I love my Vacuum Cleaner at Pesach

When it comes time to preparing my home for Pesach, I am deeply grateful for the gift my Husband bought me last year. It is the best hardwood floor vacuum cleaner I have ever owned. With its help, I know that my home is free from Chametz as we observe this eight day observance.


I know there is debate as to just how much preparation must be done to prepare my home for these 8 days. Some take a narrow view that we simply must rid our eating areas of Chametz and Leaven.

I think a deeper understanding of what our ancestors went through in the year 2448 (1313 B.C) suggests we should do much more.

A brief History of Pesach (The Passover)

As history knows full well, our ancestors endured too many decades of barbaric treatment by the Pharaohs. Forced into endless, back breaking labor, they suffered unspeakable atrocities at the hands of the Egyptians. With no end to the persecution in site, Moses was sent by GOD to visit the Pharaohs demanding that they “send forth my people that they may serve me”.

After ignoring the command, the Pharaohs were sent 9 plagues, effectively devastating all livestock and Crops.

The last of plague, the tenth, was sent at midnight on 15 Nissan of the year 2448 from creation (or 1313 BCE). This killed all of the Egyptian first born children, but passed over the homes of our ancestors, sparing their children, and it is from this that we get the name of The Passover (Pesach).

Broken as they were, the Egyptians chased over 600,000 Israelite’s from their lands, forcing them to leave so quickly that they could not even wait for the bread they were baking as sustenance, to rise, before fleeing their homes as they commenced the trek to Mt Sinai.

As they were unable to have leavened Bread on this journey, in my home, we too rid ourselves entirely of any trace of leaven from our homes, and eat only unleavened bread (matzah).


Preparing for Pesach

We thoroughly clean any surface where the smallest crumb might be hiding. That means all bench tops, table tops, and floors. It also includes all seating, bedding, desks etc, anywhere that food may have been consumed, and where crumbs may have been accidentally dropped.

As this is about observance and respect, we do not stop inside our home either, the same rules apply to our garage, and to my husband’s work shed, and especially to our Car.

Why I love my Vacuum Cleaner

So I guess you can now understand why I love my Vacuum Cleaner at Pesach.

Vacuum Cleaner

Whilst the Canister Vacuum we purchased is a specialist for cleaning our Hardwood floors, its onboard attachments make it easy to suck up even the smallest morsel hiding in corners, along walls, on surfaces and on and under sofa cushions etc, as well as getting into all those tight crevices in the car .

Once we remove our bed covers to the Laundry, I also vacuum all bed bases, and mattresses too.

As this is not the time for spring cleaning, I do not scrub walls, wash windows or clean drapes.

When the days of observance are over, and we can again use electronics, my vacuum cleaner quickly returns our home to is proper condition for all to enjoy.