Unraveling the Jewish Coffee Culture

Dark Roasted Cofee beansIt has been millions of years since the Ethiopians discovered the great benefits of chewing native coffee berries and they exported it to Yemen, wherein the Sufu Muslims discovered to roast and develop the coffee into a nice and tasty beverage. Typically, coffee is drink with adding a teaspoon of sugar to balance its bitter taste. This unique drink has become an instant hit in the community because it is not just a good alternative for alcohol, but offers an energy boosting effect to keep the Sufis awake. Jewish tradition and coffee culture is somewhat connected with each other since Jewish people are some of first inhabitant in the world that discovered the greatness of coffee.

It quickly spread all through the Ottoman Empire, the religious Jews like Muslims consumed their devotions every evening. From then on, coffee has become as one of the top choices of beverages among Jewish people. This has become a great help to keep them awake and alert when it is needed. However, it is also debated whether it is kosher or medicine. Overall, many consider coffee as a great beverage.

In centuries before the coffee machines are invented, most people only drank coffee in coffeehouses which opened first in Constantinople in 1550 followed by Cairo, Mecca and Damascus. Again, it directed to another question, whether Jews can drink coffee at certain non-Jewish coffee shops. In 1553, David ibn Abi Zimra, a rabbi who ruled the community ordered that it is not acceptable to drink coffee in non-Jewish establishment. People can drink coffee from non-Jewish coffee shop, only if these are delivered at home.  Moreover, according to history, coffee drinking establishment in Europe was started by a Jew in 16th century.

Coffee has become as one of the most preferred beverages for Jewish people primarily because it has been part of their unique culture and tradition. In a typical Jewish meal or snack, coffee is always there as their beverages. Jewish also able to use their creativity by mixing various ingredients that make coffee more tasty than ever.

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For Jewish, coffee is not just an everyday beverage, but it has become part of their rich culture and tradition that they can pass through generations. Finding the right coffee maker is imperative if you want to taste the best coffee.